There are many sides to the comedy of Johnny Phoenix. This DVD (the first in a new venture of live comedy concert performances) captures what Johnny Phoenix might be like as a small-room Las Vegas comedian. Performed in the style of a Vegas revue (complete with rock star lighting effects, fog machines, a video projection screen and even a show girl) the show takes your favorite danger comedian out of the woods and into the realm of indoor comedy concerts. The show mixes classic Johnny Phoenix antics with new, never-before-seen material (including a new stand-up comedy opening monologue) proving Johnny Phoenix can hold his own in a 2 hour live solo performance. The first half of the DVD features a more family-friendly performance with a Busload of Orphans, The Great Whipdini, Bobo the Dancing Monkey and the Not-so-Straightjacket Escape. The show continues with another hour of comedy in a more adult theme. Assisted by a sexy showgirl, Johnny brings his popular adult comedy show to the theatre stage. The adult show features: Misinterpretation, He's a Real Fakir and The Saran Wrap and Panties Escape. The show's finale is a must-see hand clapping, hallelujah shouting performance starring Johnny as a faith healer
evangelist and members of the audience as a gospel choir. It's truly
a spectacle of sight, sound and laughter.
Rated: PG-13, Running Time 2 Hrs.
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