Got rope, chains, handcuffs, and a straight jacket? How about
saran wrap? Then just add an audience and lots of hilarity and
you've got a Johnny Phoenix Escape Show.
Everyone needs an escape, to take a break from their troubles and lose
Take my Not-So-Straight Jacket Escape for example. Here I cast off the shackles that confine mankind; 15 feet of chain, a straight jacket and a woman's brassiere. (Because every man at some point in his life has had his romantic advances spoiled by the complexity of the hook and eye fastener.) I perform a variety of escapes from a variety of restraints in shows across the country. But the outcome is always the same...It's all about the laughs.
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themselves in laughter. That is what my escape shows are about. The way I see it, you have come to a show to be entertained, to escape. The least I can do is make it funny.
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