Whip cracking may date back to the dinosaurs. The computer
modeling of the skeleton of the Apatosaurus suggests that it may
have been able to crack its 41' long tail. The tail weighed 3,200
However, in show business, they say never work with children or animals.
The danger element of the bullwhip makes it a very popular
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pounds and would have cracked with a volume of about 200 decibels, about 2,000 times the energy of a modern bullwhip.
That's why I took the dinosaur out of my show. That, and when they escape there's all the trampling and screaming. Besides, a bullwhip weighs less and is easier to get on a plane for away gigs.
segment of my show. As a danger comedian, I always find ways to make the bullwhip both funny and engaging. Whether it's whipping objects from a volunteer's hand or just simply doing a flourish of bullwhip tricks, danger has never been so funny.
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